That Year’s Girl: Deception

by Sara Ghaleb

We don’t all have time to re-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the good seasons of Fringe and Veronica Mars (although the new movie‘s a hell of a reason to make some), so if you’re looking for a single-season show with a kick-ass female lead, Sara‘s got you covered with another installment of “That Year’s Girl.” Consider it your weekend assignment.

DECEPTION (11 episodes,

Our hero: Joanna Locasto, played by Meagan Good. As a teen, Joanna was best friends with Vivian Bowers, the rich daughter of the family Joanna’s mom worked for.  After a falling out, Joanna distanced herself from that life and became a cop.

Her story: As an adult, Joanna goes undercover to get close to the Bowers after Vivian’s murdered and feels torn between her real life and the life she’s pretending to lead.

Is a guy I have a crush on in this? Victor Garber and Tate Donovan if you’re into older guys, Wes Brown is you’re going younger.

Is a gal I have a crush on in this? I watched every week for Meagan Good.

Your surprise fave: This show’s pretty bad at the actual crime stuff, but excels at bitter, bitchy people bickering. Thus, Sophia Bowers was robbed of becoming one of television’s mean matriarch greats, and Edward Bowers became one of my favorite male characters of the season.

The OTP: There’s a love triangle between Joanna; her FBI contact, Will; and Vivian’s brother, Julian. It’s pretty great watching her dick them both around, since she could snap her fingers at any time and have either — Julian buys her a car like as soon as she shows up, it’s great.  Mia and her boyfriend Kyle are also really cute, but not enough for me to forget that he’s clearly way too old to date a 15 year old.

Best female friendship: The show’s based on Joanna and Vivian’s friendship, but there’s not nearly enough of it past the pilot.

Heads up: While we find out who killed Vivian, stuff like catching the killer is left for the never-to-be-filmed second season.

Why should I watch? If you’re like me, Meagan Good playing a tough detective on a show all about how terrible rich white people are should have sold you already.

As I mentioned, the actual detective/mystery stuff is a bit of a mess, but somehow, I really like that? Watching shows like True Detective can be really stressful and, at times, a bit dull; sometimes you just want some suspense and shootouts, preferably with dysfunctional rich and/or beautiful people snarking at each other, preferably while drinking. Have fun with it.

Sara has a degree in television and a fear of squirrels (unrelated). Follow her thrilling saga on Twitter @binaryfission.


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