Looks Like Trouble: Medusa

by Sara Ghaleb


I often find myself flipping though magazines (okay, clicking through fashion blogs) and thinking it all seems a little… safe. Where are the fashion tips with a bit of bite to them? High fashion may be out of touch when it comes to real, every day women, but when it comes to representation of mythical timeless monsters, its even worse. My hope with this series is to fill that void — to be a Cosmo for cosmic horrors, a Nylon for nightmares, an InStyle for the insidious, a Harper’s Bazar for the truly bizarre, an Elle Girl for el chupacabra… you get the idea. Here are some fashion tips from mythical horrors. Remember ladies: Don’t be a fashion victim. Be a goddam fashion monster.

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Medusa (Greek Mythology)

Medusa was a human woman before the goddess Athena cursed her into being a hideous monster, all because she had the gall to get raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple (ugh). In addition to being hideous (which people swear she is, even though they can’t look at her), Medusa also has poison snakes for hair, and her sight turns people to stone. She lived with her Gorgon sisters on a remote island until Perseus broke into her house to behead her for no good reason.

Life Lessons

  1. Men don’t “get” to look at you.  Fucking hiss at them if they try. You owe beauty to fucking nobody, and if people turn to stone when they see you, that’s their own problem for getting in your face and asking you to smile.
  2. Man, just fuck Poseidon.

Fashion Lessons

Sometimes a mirror can be our own worst enemy. Don’t let your reflection define how you feel about yourself.

Feminist Lessons

What Athena did was fucked up.  If you see some virgin goddess of wisdom (or young white feminist) trying to pull slut-shaming, victim-blaming bullshit, don’t stand for it.  And never try to seem cool and easy-going by taking the guy’s side in that situation.  Stand with sexual assault survivors, not against them.

Sara has a degree in television and a fear of squirrels (unrelated). Follow her thrilling saga on Twitter @SaraGhaleb.

Featured image by Adam Crownoble.

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