13 Questions We Need Answered in Zayn’s New Book

Full-on Monets is home to quite a few Zayn Malik enthusiasts. We love his work, we love his face, and we love when we get to bear witness to both.

So obviously, we’ve already preordered the “intimate and raw scrapbook” he’s releasing on November 1. We’re finally going to get answers to the questions we’ve been asking for years! Probably. We hope. Zayn, please, we have to know:

13. What’s your lens prescription? – Annie Sullivan


12. On a scale of Willy Loman to Scooby Doo, how high were you in this video? – Hannah Williamson

Editor’s note: And were you burning sativa?


11. You’ve spoken about the women in your life being a guiding light for you. Do you enjoy playing with femininity, and do you ever feel self-conscious about it? – Kendi

veronica 2


10. What’s on tap at the pirate bar? – Chelsea la Bar



9. How do you come up with these drags? – Jade Jarvis


8. Where do you see your career taking you in the next five years? – Sam

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7. Is it true that each tattoo symbolizes a vanquished enemy? – Sara Ghaleb

May the force be with you @zayn #uvink #starwars #jonboytattoo

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6. You’ve said you want to go back to school to get an English degree. Is there a book you like to read over and over? – Megan Waters



5. What’s been the hardest thing about going solo? – Erika Bocanegra


4. What’s it like dealing with touring and being surrounded by hundreds of team members when your energy levels are zapped and you just need to be alone? – Brodie Lancaster



3. What the fuck? – Jessica Donovan


2. Will you ever officially release “I Won’t Mind”? Please. – Lindsay Nieman


1. You’ve been working with Malay for more than a year now… Have you met Frank Ocean yet? – Lo


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