10 Men Who Respect You More than Donald Trump Does

by Lindsay Nieman

“No one respects women more than me,” Donald Trump says.

“Wrong!” these 10 men say.


1. The Winter Soldier

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He has no memory of ever having said anything misogynist. Bonus: he volunteered to be cryogenically frozen, which Donald Trump has not offered to do.



2. Harry Styles

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He makes music lots of women like, and he once took a photo with a supportive hashtag.



3. That One Guy Waiting for the Bus


When you walked past him, he didn’t say anything.



4. Drake


Entertainment Weekly

He thinks you should just be yourself (while staying at home, waiting for him, with the friends he likes).



5. Your Uber Driver


He only made you listen to one song off his band’s demo.



6. Lord Voldemort

rw Lordvoldemort

He didn’t cheat on Bellatrix when she was pregnant.



7. Your Boss


He pays a guy with your same title only four dollars more an hour.



8. Spencer Pratt

#4559738 The Hills resident fame seeker Spencer Pratt comes out to the street to bring his new found spirituality out to photographers in Los Angeles, CA on February 19, 2010, Pratt apparently explained the benefits of chanting, crystals and rambled virtually incoherently, has the stress of Heidi Montag cracked Spencer? Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Fame Pictures, Inc.

We haven’t had to hear much about him lately.



9. Republican Politicians, Briefly


AP Photo

For one weekend, they remembered women can vote.



10. The Demogorgon


He ate Barb, but never threatened to grab her by the pussy.


Lindsay Nieman is the founder of Full-on Monets. You can find her @lindybot on Twitter and Instagram, or at the nearest Subway on her lunch hour. Send her your submissions: lindsay@fullonmonets.com

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